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November 01 2020 - Auckland Marathon: Cancelled/Rescheduled

Due to the event 'Auckland Marathon' taking place Saturday 1st November the changes below have been made to the following SeaLink sailings affected:

Sat 1st Nov - Great Barrier Island 

ex. 0800 Hamer St to Tryphena has been rescheduled to now depart at 0700hrs

ex. 1500 Tryphena to Hamer St has been rescheduled to now depart at 1400hrs

Sat 1st Nov - Hamer Street / Wynyard Quarter 

ex. 0830 Hamer St to Kennedy Point - Cancelled

ex. 1100 Hamer St to Kennedy Point - Cancelled

Sat 1st Nov - Kennedy Point / Waiheke

ex. 0945 Kennedy Point to Hamer Street - Cancelled 

ex. 1215 Kennedy Point to Hamer Street - Cancelled 


Updated:01 November 2020
Changes to Great Barrier Island pricing

Our passenger and vehicle (up to 5.5m) fares for Great Barrier Island sailings now vary partly with demand. 

$10 change fee will now apply when changing your standard passenger fare. A change fee of $50.00 will apply to all vehicle booking changes. Where a booking increases in value, the change fee will apply plus any fare difference must be paid. Where a change fee has been charged for a vehicle the passenger (adult, student, child, senior) change fee will not apply to those passengers travelling with the vehicle. Visit for further details.

Change fees are only applicable for bookings made from 8th of July onwards. New fares and change fees do not apply to Great Barrier Residents’ Deals, account customer rates, concessions and multi-passes.

-The SeaLink Team


Updated:08 July 2020
Cashless payments onboard and at terminals

Please note, for the safety and security of both staff and passengers, we are no longer accepting cash payments onboard or at our terminals.

-The SeaLink Team

Updated:09 June 2020