North Barrier Car Rentals

Grab a car and head out and take in what the Island has to offer. Hire your rental cars from North Barrier Rentals, owner operators and Barrier residents based at Port Fitzroy Wharf

Hire our 2004 Toyota Rav , 4 wheel drive. 5 door 5 seater drives really well $85.00 per day or one of our 3 Honda Odyssey 7 seater cars great for all your friends and familly $95.00 per day

Cars available from; Port Fitzroy wharf & Okiwi Airfield. If you’re wanting to depart or land from somewhere else, no problems we can arrange for a small relocation fee

Call us for any or all of your holiday needs whilst on Barrier. Take advantage of our local knowledge and allow us to book your holiday package.

Please note: Only designated drivers, over 21, who have produced a current driver’s licence and have signed the rental agreement may drive the vehicle.

No dogs are permitted in the vehicles. Bookings Essential