Harataonga Coastal Walkway

Wind through regenerating forest with amazing views and see where Castaway was filmed.

This walk is approximately 4 hours one way, winding through regenerating forest with magnificent views. Harataonga Bay is on the east coast of Great Barrier Island, in 2007 it was transformed into a busy production village and film set for the movie Castaway.  The site is now completely restored and visitors to Harataonga can once again enjoy the peaceful charm of Harataonga Bay.

This walk is not as steep as some of the Great Barrier walks. Starts at the Harataonga campsite and head west across the stream and paddocks, through the gate and follow the track. There are magnificent coastal views and the track ends at Aotea Rd at the south end of Okiwi. The walkway passes through private property so please stay on the marked walkway. This not a mountain bike route.