Great Barrier Island - Island life

Life on Great Barrier is like no other place in the world. Just a short flight away or a four hour boat ride away from Auckland, the Barrier is a true destination in its own right.

It has its own pace, its own culture and its own fabulous community of locals who make the Barrier truly unique.

The Barrier is somewhere people go to escape the stress and pressure of daily life; to step back from technology, traffic and overcrowding to enjoy an environment that is truly remote and carefree, with locals who are incredibly welcoming and have the time to stop and ask which way you’re headed.

The Barrier has incredibly rich history, with several families on the island that date back to the very first settlements. These families built and survived on industries based around mining, kauri and whaling, leading to the development of several settlements on the island.

Great Barrier is the largest island off New Zealand’s North Island. Over half of the island is public land managed by the Department of Conservation, with a great range of walking tracks  through lowland bush trails and hiking trails through beautiful regenerating coastal forest. There are also camping facilities, mountain biking tracks  and many natural and historic features to explore.  In the centre of the island stands Mt Hobson (Hirakimata) at 621m.

These days, the island is also a Treasure Island—an island haven to an incredible variety of native flora and fauna. The clear waters surrounding the island are ideal for swimming, diving and snorkelling, with the eastern beaches delivering some of the country’s best surf in the country.

You’ll be forced to slow down at the Barrier, whether you like it or not. The narrow roads (don’t expect to drive over 50 km p/h and don’t forget to wave to passing cars), the gentle pace of life and the many adventures that await you will help take care of the pace – you just need to remember to enjoy it!

Need more information or for any assitance contact the Official Great Barrier i-site 0800 468 622 or email an enquiry.