Terms & Conditions - Pine Harbour

Our full terms and conditions of travel


1. General Conditions

1.1 All ferries, sailings and itineraries are subject to change at SeaLink Pine Harbour’s discretion for reasons of weather conditions, sea states and/or for operational requirements. SeaLink Pine Harbour will not be liable for any consequential losses or additional costs incurred because of cancellation.

1.2 Unused portions of concession tickets are non-refundable.

1.3 Every passenger must have a valid ticket to travel. If a ticket is lost, stolen, defaced or mutilated, a replacement ticket must be purchased before the passenger can travel.

1.4 Passengers may be subject to ticket audits at any time, and all tickets and passes for travel remain the property of Sealink Pine Harbour.

1.5 All payments are to be made in New Zealand dollars and must include payment for any bank charges. All prices are in NZ$ and include GST (15%).

1.6 All tickets must be used in accordance with these and any other applicable terms and conditions.

1.7 Reservations are required for any special Sealink Pine Harbour services.

1.8 A non-refundable deposit will be requested to confirm your booking for a charter. Payment of a deposit forms part of the final payment and means you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions of Sale and Travel. A separate charter booking form must be completed.

1.9 The skipper of the ferry reserves the right to refuse any person access on any sailing for any reason including any person who is unruly in behaviour, unfit to travel, is likely to cause distress or discomfort to other passengers or has previously engaged in any unlawful activities affecting SeaLink Pine Harbour. The skipper may also require any person to leave the ferry.

1.10 Adults are responsible for the behaviour of accompanying children in their care or under their supervision. Travel for unaccompanied children (under the age of 14) must be confirmed with the skipper of the ferry.

1.11 No smoking is permitted on any of SeaLink Pine Harbour’s ferries or areas under the control of SeaLink Pine Harbour.

1.12 SeaLink Pine Harbour accepts no responsibility for a passenger’s personal baggage which is under their care and control, and for which no fee has been charged. Two pieces of carry-on baggage per passenger may be carried free of charge.

1.13 No petrol or gas cylinders may be carried in personal baggage. Items with a fuel tank must be declared and the tank must be empty. Small LPG bottles, paint, batteries and other dangerous substances must be declared and stowed safely under the direction of crew members. If in doubt declare the item to the skipper of the ferry.

1.14 Neither the operator nor Auckland Transport is liable if any person misses their scheduled service for any reason whatsoever.

1.15 Copies of the terms and conditions of sale and travel are available on the SeaLink website.

1.16 These terms and conditions of sale and travel are subject to New Zealand Law.

1.17 Bicycles are transported free of charge.

1.18 Dogs may travel free of charge. The skipper of the ferry has the right to insist that an owner muzzle their dog if it has shown aggressive behaviour either in the wharf area or on board the ferry. The crew may refuse to allow a dog to travel if the dog’s owner fails to comply with the crew member’s instructions. Dogs must be kept on a lead. Owners will be required to clean up any mess that their dog may have caused. Dogs are not permitted to travel inside the cabins.

1.19 SeaLink Pine Harbour does not currently offer services to Auckland on weekends or public holidays.

2. Fare types, booking and cancellation conditions and insurance

Age entitlement


Fare to be Paid

 Under 5

 Infant / Pre-school (No charge)

 5 - 15 years inclusive


 16 - 64 years inclusive

 Adult *2.3

 65 years and over

 Senior – special conditions apply* 2.1


2.1 SeaLink Pine Harbour provides subsidised travel for disabled persons and senior citizens at the applicable discounted rates upon presentation of an authorised disability or senior citizens ID card or the SuperGold card.

2.2 For some charters and services, child and senior citizen discounts will not apply and a  full adult fare will need to be paid. This will be advised at the time of booking.

2.3 Special fares are available for school and tertiary students on provision of an approved student or tertiary current ID. Secondary school students travelling in school uniform or with a valid Maxx student ID card are able to travel on a child fare. Tertiary student discounts are only available on multi-ride tickets. Single fare rides will be at the adult rate.